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AHTWG Legal and Technical Analysis

The members of the First Nations Ad Hoc Technical Working Group (AHTWG) (see Appendix 4...

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AHTWG Executive Summary

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The members of the First Nations Ad Hoc Technical Working Group (AHTWG) (see...

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The Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan – Supporting the Health and Wellness of First Nations in British Columbia

In March 2005, the Province of British Columbia and First Nations leaders agreed to enter...

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First Nations Health Plan Memorandum of Understanding

First Nations Health Plan Memorandum of Understanding Between The First Nations Leadership Council Representing the...

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First Nations Summit Kemess North Joint Review Panel Submission

(i) This fundamentally flawed review process is a collaboration between the federal and provincial governments...

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Transformative Change Accord

The Government of British Columbia, First Nations and the Government of Canada agree that new...

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Public Safety Cooperation Protocol

This Protocol is signed between the Leadership Council and the RCMP in order to establish...

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The New Relationship

We are all here to stay. We agree to a new government-to-government relationship based on...

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Historic Leadership Accord Signed by First Nations Summit, BC Assembly of First Nations and Union of BC Indian Chiefs

LEADERSHIP ACCORD Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs This Leadership Accord is effective from the...

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Our Place at the Table: First Nations in the BC Fishery


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Increasing First Nations’ Participation in BC’s Forest Industry: Presentation by Grand Chief Edward John

I would like to acknowledge the Coast Salish People on whose territory we meet. Today...

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Communities in Cooperation: A Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution for First Nations and Local Governments in British Columbia

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) has proven effective in helping parties to foster constructive and trusting...

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