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Treaty Principals Take Action to Improve Treaty Negotiations

The Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, and the First Nations Summit have...

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A New Direction: Advancing Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

Throughout present-day Canada, the Crown entered into treaties with Aboriginal peoples1 who surrendered their claims...

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British Columbia Treaty Commission: An Independent Effectiveness Review

The British Columbia Treaty Commission (‘the Commission’) was formed in 1992 by agreement between the...

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"Cautious Optimism: The First Nations Summit Perspective on Treaty Negotiations"

The 1990’s heralded a decade of optimism for the negotiated resolution of the land question...

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Presentation by The First Nations Summit to the Federal Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs

Presentation by the First Nations Summit to the Federal Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs regarding...

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First Nations Summit Statement on the Treaty Negotiation Process

This important meeting of the First Nations Summit Chiefs, the Premier and the British Columbia...

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"Improving the Treaty Process": Report of the Tripartite Working Group

In its 2001 annual report, “Looking Back, Looking Forward”, the Treaty Commission took a hard...

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First Nations Summit Views on the Provincial Treaty Referendum

Shortly after being elected, Premier Gordon Campbell indicated that the provincial government intended to honour...

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First Nations Summit Views on the BC Treaty Making Process

First Nations currently engaged in the British Columbia treaty making process view negotiation, rather than...

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The Report of the British Columbia Claims Task Force

We are pleased to present the report of the British Columbia Claims Task Force. The...

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