Ray Harris is a member of the Chemanius First Nation on Vancouver Island. He has a broad range of cultural, political and on the ground experience in First Nations issues. He previously served for 15 years as the elected chief of the Chemainus First Nation which provided him a breadth of experience in finding solutions to issues effecting his community.

Mr. Harris is an active commercial fisherman who travels yearly up and down the BC coast. He has been instrumental in organizing the Coast Salish Gatherings and the formation of the Coast Salish Council which focuses on environmental and resource health in the Coast Salish Sea and region. Ray is the father of 11 children and has many grandchildren and great grandchildren. All of these experiences are guided by Ray’s deep connection and participation in the cultural traditions of the Coast Salish.

Mr. Harris was elected in June 2022 for a sixth consecutive term as co-chair, the 2 member administrative executive of the First Nations Summit. As co-chair, he deals with the administrative issues of the FNS and works with the First Nations Summit Task Group (FNS political executive) who are authorized by the Summit to carry out specifically-mandated tasks on issues related to treaty negotiations in BC. The Summit represents the majority of First Nations in BC on treaty related issues and other issues of common concern to First Nations.

E-Mail Ray at: rayharris(at)fns.bc.ca