Treaty Referendum a Moral Outrage and a mockery of democracy, First Nations Summit says

New Anti-Referendum Ad Campaign calls for province-wide boycott.

Text from the First Nations Summit ad, which ran across the province on April 5th:

Do NOT Vote in Gordon Campbell’s referendum on treaty negotiations

The First nations Summit is asking British Columbians to join in a boycott of the upcoming referendum on treaty negotiations. By choosing not to vote, you will send a clear message to Premier Campbell.

  • In this country, the rights of the minority must never be subject to the whim of the majority
  • >The referendum guarantees continued economic uncertainty in British Columbia as land claims remain unresolved. The BC Liberals are sending the wrong message to the boardrooms here and around the world.
  • The $10-million-plus cost to taxpayers is a moral outrage at a time when our health care and education services are under attack. The money could keep hospitals open or pay for a new school. Yet the BC Liberals are spending the money even as they slash critical programs and services, throwing thousands out of work.

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