Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver – First Nations leaders who were gathered in North Vancouver this week for a regular meeting of the First Nations Summit, elected Jody Wilson of the We Wai Kai First Nation and Robert Phillips of the Northern Shuswap First Nation of Canim Lake as Commissioners of the British Columbia Treaty Commission. Following the election, the First Nations Summit appointed Ms. Wilson and Mr. Phillips to their positions as Commissioners by resolution.

“First Nations engaged in the BC treaty negotiations process look forward to a positive working relationship with both Ms. Wilson and Mr. Phillips in their roles as Commissioners of the BCTC”, said Chief Judith Sayers, a member of the Summit’s political executive. “The role of these two individuals is extremely important to all First Nations who are striving to negotiate fair, equitable and timely treaties under the British Columbia treaty negotiation process. During this critical point in the treaty negotiation process it is imperative that strong individuals be charged with the responsibility of upholding the mandate of the BCTC as keepers of the process.”

The re-appointment of Ms. Wilson and the appointment Mr. Phillips came following a 3 ballot election for the Summit’s two positions to the BC Treaty Commission. Ms. Wilson was elected on the first ballot and Mr. Phillips on the third ballot as eight candidates vied for the two commissioner positions. Both appointments are for two year terms and will expire in March 2009.

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