Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, BC – The First Nations Summit (FNS) congratulates the Songhees First Nation, Malahat First Nation, Beecher Bay Indian Band, T’Sou-ke First Nation and Snaw-naw-as First Nation leaders, negotiators and community members on today’s signing of the Te’mexw Agreement in Principle (AIP) with the governments of British Columbia and Canada.”Following more than twenty years of hard fought negotiations, the member First Nations of the Te’mexw Treaty Association should be commended for their hard work, determination and persistence to reach an AIP they believe is appropriate for their respective communities and one that will ultimately lead to a final agreement”, said Cheryl Casimer of the FNS political executive. “Today marks an important step as the Te’mexw First Nations move to Stage 5 of negotiations and continue their efforts to reach a final agreement and become self-governing nations.”