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Reports to: FNS Executive Director or Delegate
Terms: Full-Time Employment Agreement
Location: West Vancouver, BC
Hours of Work: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (May occasionally be required to work evenings and weekends)


  • Coordinate Policy Work and Initiatives: Your role is to provide senior level policy analysis and support in respect of First Nation child and family matters. This includes coordinating diverse child and family related projects and initiatives, such as those outlined in the Tripartite Working Group on Children and Families (TWGCF) Workplan, collaborating with the Governments of Canada and British Columbia to effect positive change, and overall supporting FNLC and FNLC policy and legal advisors and staff in driving strategic initiatives forward.
  • Team Collaboration: You work collaboratively in a team environment with personnel from multiple organizations to support FNLC and FNLC policy and legal advisors and staff in advancing key child and family initiatives and projects, guided by First Nation leadership.
  • Strong Communication: You prepare engaging speaking notes, briefs, and reports often within tight timelines. Your polished communication skills shine as you deliver impactful briefings to First Nation leaders, FNS and FNLC, ensuring alignment on critical issues.
  • Strategic Research and Analysis: You conduct research, providing concise recommendations on key policy, program, and legislative matters. Your insights will support informed decision-making leading to transformative change in First Nations communities.
  • Provide Strategic Guidance: You offer strategic advice and recommendations to FNS and FNLC leadership regarding systemic change, transformation and progression of First Nations child and family well-being, based on their inherent, constitutional and human rights.
  • Facilitate Collaboration: You facilitate collaboration and dialogue, including with First Nations and First Nation mandated organizations. Your role is pivotal in amplifying community voices and ensuring their perspectives shape discussions.
  • Record-Keeping: You maintain meticulous records of high-level meetings, capturing essential insights and action items to drive progress effectively.
  • Adaptability: You embrace the evolving needs of the FNS and FNLC in their advocacy efforts and in their roles in forums such as the TWGCF, stepping up to fulfill additional duties as needed to support partnership initiatives and collective goals.
  • Embrace the Culture: You immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the FNS, participating in staff activities that foster a supportive and inclusive work environment.