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The six stage process is set out in the BC Claims Task Force Report of 1991 and incorporated in the tripartite Treaty Commission Agreement of 1992.

As of September 2001, there are 49 First Nations involved in 40* sets of negotiations, participating in the BC treaty process.

Treaty Tables:

A treaty table refers to a negotiation table at which three parties sit - BC, Canada, and a First Nation(s).

*Number of Treaties Being Negotiated:

In some cases more than several First Nations have chosen to sit at a common Treaty Table.

6 Stages of Negotiations:

Stage 1.    Filing a Statement of Intent to Negotiate a Treaty
Stage 2.    Preparing for Negotiations and Assessing Readiness
Stage 3.    Negotiating a Framework Agreement
Stage 4.    Negotiating an Agreement in Principle
Stage 5.    Negotiating a Final Treaty
Stage 6.    Implementing the Treaty

One band is at Stage 5, forty-two bands are at Stage 4, four at Stage 3, and two are at Stages 2.
Total Number of Bands in BC:

Number of BC Bands Participating in the BC Treaty Process:


Number of Yukon Bands Participating in the BC Treaty Process:

Percentage of BC First Nations Population Represented in the BC Treaty Process:

Estimated Total Amount of Treaty Negotiation Support Funding Provided to First Nations in the BC Treaty Process to June, 2001:  
80% of Negotiation Support Funding is a loan  
20% of Negotiation Support Funding is a contribution  

* Figures are approximate

As of September, 2001

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