Coast Salish Traditional Territory (Vancouver) – Leaders of the First Nations Summit (FNS) congratulate Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau and the members of the Liberal majority government following yesterday’s federal election.

“We encourage Prime Minister-Elect Trudeau and his majority government to work with Aboriginal communities and citizens across Canada to ensure our issues are given the top priority they deserve within the new Liberal government’s agenda”, said Grand Chief Edward John, of the FNS Political Executive.

“Prime Minister-Elect Trudeau has created very high expectations with a platform based on change and his commitments on key Aboriginal issues during the campaign. Now the real work will begin for his government to come to the table and work with First Nations to implement those commitments in an effort to close the socio-economic gaps faced by our communities and citizens”, added Cheryl Casimer of the FNS Political Executive.

“We will now look to the Liberal government to stand up and honour its fiduciary obligations and commitments to uphold Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada and to make the resolution of fair and equitable treaty agreements in BC a top priority”, concluded Robert Phillips, also of the FNS political executive.