Coast Salish Territory, BC – The leadership of First Nations Summit acknowledge the importance of the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in Blackwater v. Plint, commonly known as the Barney case, which was released this morning.

“Today’s Supreme Court of Canada decision is critically important for all First Nations victims of the horrendous atrocities suffered in the Indian Residential school system in Canada”, said Grand Chief Edward John, a member of the First Nations Summit Political Executive.

“We commend the High Court for concluding that both the Church and Canada are vicariously liable for the wrongful acts committed. This decision will certainly have far reaching impacts for all victims with outstanding claims”, added Chief John. “We feel a critical part of the healing process the victims and their families continue to go through is a formal recognition that both Canada and the Church are to blame for the physical, mental, social and cultural abuses suffered in the Indian Residential School System”.

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