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FNS Press Releases


Turning Point for Indigenous Land Rights in Canada

Highlights from a public forum discussing the Tsilhqot'in title case, and its implications. The forum was held in Ottawa on November 8, 2013, the day after the Tsilhqot'in case was heard at the Supreme Court of Canada. A panel of legal experts discussed Canada's failure to respect the pre-existing land rights of Indigenous peoples and the implications of international human rights standards like the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

FNS leaders encouraged by recommendations in Eyford Report

Forging Partnerships Douglas EyfordFirst Nations Summit leaders are encouraged by the recommendations contained in the report to the Prime Minister entitled Forging Partnerships Building Relationships: Aboriginal Canadians and Energy Development by Douglas Eyford, the Special Federal Representative on West Coast Energy Infrastructure.

Read the FNS Press Release [pdf, 33 kb]

Download the full Eyford report, Forging Partnerships Building Relationships: Aboriginal Canadians and Energy Development [pdf, 1.1 mb]

Royal Proclamation still relevant on 250th Anniversary

FNS Op-ed: Royal Proclamation still relevant on 250th Anniversary

FNLC News Release: First Nations Leadership Council Honours the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Proclamation

As we approach the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation we reflect on where we started as a nation and where we still need to go.

Royal Proclamation

Joint Gathering 2013

The 2013 Joint Gathering brings together BC First Nations leaders and community representatives with government officials to discuss issues of importance to First Nations in BC.

For further information on the agenda and how to register, please visit: http://www.afoabc.org/events/joint-gathering-2013

Reconciliation Canada Legacy Fund

Reconciliation Canada has established a Legacy Fund for the purpose of developing, implementing and supporting public education programs, community engagement initiatives and other activities that:

(a) increases public awareness of the Indian residential school experience and the reconciliation process in Canada;

(b) establishes a groundswell of Canadians from every level of society who are committed to fostering positive relationships between Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians; connects Aboriginal communities with a diversity of cultural, faith-based and multi-generational groups in Canada to gain a better understanding of one another's shared histories; and promotes physical, psychological and spiritual healing within Aboriginal communities.

To make an online donation to the Reconciliation Canada Legacy Fund visit: http://reconciliationcanada.ca/participate/donate/

Research shows Nutrition Experiments conducted without consent in First Nations Communities and Residential Schools

Between 1942 and 1952, some of Canada's leading nutrition experts, in cooperation with various federal departments, conducted an unprecedented series of nutritional studies of Aboriginal communities and residential schools. The most ambitious and perhaps best known of these was the 1947-1948 James Bay Survey of the Attawapiskat and Rupert's House Cree First Nations. Less well known were two separate long-term studies that went so far as to include controlled experiments conducted, apparently without the subjects' informed consent or knowledge, on malnourished Aboriginal populations in Northern Manitoba and, later, in six Indian residential schools.

Read Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities and Residential Schools, 1942-1952 by Ian Mosby [PDF, 412 kb]

First Nations Summit Elects New Executive

The First Nations Summit Chiefs in Assembly have elected Grand Chief Edward John (Akile Ch'oh), Cheryl Casimer and Robert Phillips to the FNS Political Executive. Leah George-Wilson and Ray Harris were also re-elected Co-Chairs of the FNS. All terms are from June 2013 - June 2016. Read FNS release...

2013 FN Summit Executive

Pictured left to right: Robert Phillips (FNS Political Executive), Leah George-Wilson (FNS Co-Chair), Ray Harris (FNS Co-Chair), Cheryl Casimer (FNS Political Executive), and Grand Chief Edward John (FNS Political Executive)

Joint Statement: Implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Doctrine of Discovery

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in its entirety is rooted in the principle of racial non-discrimination, a peremptory norm from which no derogation is permitted. Full and effective implementation of the UN Declaration is dependent on ensuring that racial discrimination against Indigenous peoples is eradicated.

Last year... the Permanent Forum... called on all States to repudiate colonial doctrines such as the doctrine of discovery, and associated legal fictions as the doctrine of terra nullius, "as the basis for denying indigenous peoples' human rights."

Grand Chief Edward John of the First Nations Summit presents to House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources

Grand Chief Edward John of the First Nations Summit political executive presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources on May 2, 2013 to provide a First Nations perspective on the committee's current study of the potential importance of market diversification to Canada's energy future and economic growth.

BC Chiefs and leaders sign declaration endorsing the eight action items set out by the AFN Executive

(Jan 25, Coast Salish Territory / Vancouver) - BC Chiefs and leaders gathered for a meeting in Vancouver this week to discuss the recent meetings held in Ottawa, to create dialogue around the AFN Consensus Document "Fundamental Change, Remedies and Actions Required
and to create an opportunity for BC Chiefs to continue to strategize on an approach for BC First Nations moving forward. The Chiefs and leaders unanimously passed a resolution in support of the declaration, "DRIVING CHANGE FOR OUR CHILDREN". Read Full Press Release [PDF]

"Driving Change for our Children": A Declaration of the First Nations of British Columbia [PDF, 720 kb]

"Support for Indigenous Citizens' Actions on Sovereignty and Environmental Protections": A Declaration of the First Nations of British Columbia [PDF, 509 kb]

Prime Minister Harper can't afford to idle any longer; urgent action and real outcomes must result from January 11th meeting between First Nations leaders and PM Harper

January 9, 2013 - An Open Letter to PM Harper from the First Nations Summit [pdf, 229 kb]

Prime Minister must commit to the human rights of Indigenous Peoples

Canada must demonstrate a clear commitment to upholding the rights of Indigenous Peoples affirmed in Treaties, and articulated in both domestic and international law. Such a commitment must ensure Indigenous peoples' full and effective participation in decisions that could affect those rights.

Prime Minister Harper will be meeting with First Nations leaders this Friday to discuss issues, including those related to economic development and Treaty implementation.

The meeting comes after more than a month of unprecedented public mobilization sparked by a government legislative agenda which has far reaching impacts on the rights of Indigenous peoples, and advanced without meaningful consultation or consent. The mobilization included grassroots demonstrations across Canada under the banner of "Idle No More". The mobilization has also included an ongoing hunger strike by Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat.

Last week, 36 prominent Indigenous peoples', human rights, and environmental organizations issued a public statement outlining very serious concerns with the government's actions with regard to its legislative agenda. Such actions erode democracy, the rule of law and integrity of Parliament.

The statement emphasized, "Cooperative and harmonious relations cannot be achieved by devaluing Treaties or by unilateral government actions." The statement concluded: "It is tragic that a hunger strike and Canada-wide protests are necessary in order for Indigenous peoples to bring attention to violations of their dignity, Treaties and human rights."

Joint Statement [PDF, 50 kb]

Community and Advocacy Groups Respond to Missing Women Commission of Inquiry's Final Report: December 17, 2012

Read the Press Release [pdf, 395 kb]

Read the Commission Report: "The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry | Executive Summary" [pdf, 13 Mb]

First Nations Summit Stand with Ktunaxa Nation in Opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort Development

Read the FNS Press Release [pdf, 30 kb]

Watch the Ktunaxa Nation documentary entitled 'Qat'muk: where the grizzly bears go to dance'

For more information on Qat'muk, visit:

First Nations Summit congratulates all recipients of 2012 BC Aboriginal Business Awards

2012 Aboriginal Acievement Winners

The First Nations Summit congratulates recipients of this year's BC Aboriginal Business Awards (pictured above), which were presented at a banquet in Vancouver on Monday November 26th. This year's recipients truly embody perseverance, tenacity and success. They are an indicator that Aboriginal businesses are a strong and vital component of BC's economy and will serve as an inspiration for other BC aboriginal businesses. Further information on the 2012 BC Aboriginal Business Awards recipients can be found here.

The First Nations Summit also encourages the submission of nominations for the 2013 Aboriginal Business Awards!
Click here for further information on how to submit a nomination.

2012 FNESC Conference: Reconciliation through Education

Archived webcasts of November 23 and 24, 2012: Opening, Justice Murray Sinclair, Panel on Reconciliation through Education, Grand Chief Edward John...

Grand Chief Edward John Keynote Presentation (PowerPoint) 2012

Ed John Speaks at the 7th International Forum on China's Energy Strategies and the 8th Canada-China Energy and Environment Forum

Ed John in Beijing

Ed John's Speech: "Thunderbird Rising-First Nations on the move"

On 20th Anniversary of Treaty Negotiations in BC; First Nations Summit leaders call for renewed commitment from governments

September 21, Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC) - The signing of the BC Treaty Commission Agreement, 20 years ago today, marked a significant moment in the history of the relationship between the Crown and First Nations in BC. This agreement, signed by the Prime Minister of Canada, the Premier of BC and the leaders of the First Nations Summit, was celebrated by a sacred Coast Salish cultural ceremony, which honored the parties' commitments to move beyond their difficult past and build a new relationship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. Unfortunately, negotiations have been far too slow, far too costly and have not met these commitments.

Read the Press Release

VIDEO: Highlights of the 1992 BCTC Agreement Signing Ceremony

Fifth anniversary of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: protection of Indigenous peoples' rights to lands, territories and resources more urgent than ever

September 12, 2012 - There is urgent need to uphold international human rights standards in response to intensive resource development activities affecting the lands of Indigenous peoples at home and abroad. Read the Joint Statement [pdf, 22 kb]

Senate Standing Committee Report Recommends Immediate Action on BC Treaty Implementation

"A Commitment Worth Preserving: Reviving the British Columbia Treaty Process": Report of the Senate standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples [PDF, 143 kb]

FNS Press Release, June 28: First Nations Summit welcomes Senate Standing Committee report on BC treaty negotiations, encourages Canada to take urgent action to implement recommendations

First Nations Summit rejects and condemns the BC Court of Appeal (BCAA) decision in the Tsilhqot'in Nation case

FNS Press Release, June 29: First Nations Condemn Turning Back of Legal Clock by BC Court of Appeal in Tsilhqot'in Decision

BC Court of Appeal Decision: William v. British Columbia [PDF, 657 kb]

Tsilhqot'in National Government Press Release

FNS Factum submitted to BCCA in William v. BC

Opinion/Editorial by Grand Chief Edward John: For Whom Do Justice Bells Ring?

First Nations Summit welcomes federal report on treaty negotiations in BC, encourages Canada to take urgent action to implement recommendations

Coast Salish Territory/ Vancouver, BC, May 4 - The First Nations Summit welcomes the long-awaited public release of the report on treaty negotiations in BC by James Lornie, Special Representative to the Hon. John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. Read the Press Release... [PDF, 30 kb]


Ancient Musqueam Marpole village site must be protected from further desecration

Musqueam potest ancient village desecration Musqueam rally to fight for protection and preservation of ancient village site

Coast Salish Territory/ Vancouver, BC, May 3 - First Nations Summit leaders are speaking out in support of the Musqueam Nation in their continuing fight to protect the remains of their ancestors located on the former Musqueam village site now known as the Marpole Midden.

MORE: FNS Press Release [PDF, 67 kb]

Open Letter: Groups affirm boycott of discriminatory Missing Women Commission

Groups affirm boycott of Missing Women Commission

Fifteen organizations issued letters directed to Commissioner Wally Oppal confirming that they will not be participating in the “second phase” of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, citing concerns about discrimination and the conduct of the Commission to date. Read the Press Release and Letters [PDF, 1 GB]

First Nations Summit withdraws from participation in Missing Women Commission of Inquiry: An Open Letter to Wally Oppal, Q.C., Commissioner

March 6, 2012

The First Nations Summit today released an open letter to Wally Oppal, Commissioner of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. The letter concluded that given recent developments, including the withdrawal of the Independent Legal Counsel for Aboriginal interests and the overall conduct of the Inquiry, the voices of the families of the missing and murdered Aboriginal women and Aboriginal communities are clearly not being heard or respected. Therefore, given the realization that the Inquiry will clearly not be able to fulfill a critical part of its mandate, the First Nations Summit has indicated it has no choice but to withdraw as an active participant in the Inquiry.

Download and read the Press Release and Open Letter [PDF]

First Nations Summit presents to
Missing Women Commission of Inquiry

October 12, 2011

Coast Salish Territory/ Vancouver, BC – Grand Chief Edward John of the First Nations Summit Political Executive appeared before the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday October 12, 2011 to make a presentation on behalf of the First Nations Summit.

Download the full text of the presentation here.

BC First Nations & China: Transforming Relationships

First Nations and China: Transforming RelationshipsThe First Nations Leadership Council and Asia Pacific Foundation Canada have jointly launched “First Nations & China: Transforming Relationships”. The strategy is aimed at cultivating stronger relations with China and responding to growing commercial interest from Asia to British Columbia’s natural resources sector, the respective traditional territories of First Nations. Read Press Release

REPORT: First Nations & China: Transforming Relationships

Op/Ed: Investing in a first nations -China strategy by Grand Chief EDWARD JOHN and YUEN PAU WOO - Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011 in the Globe and Mail


VIDEO (courtesy of CBC): Grand Chief Edward John discusses China trade opportunities for BC First Nations…

The First Nations Summit represents the interests of First Nations working to negotiate treaties throughout the province of British Columbia.

Operating from its office in North Vancouver, the Summit does not carry out the actual negotiations, providing instead crucial support and resources to First Nations working to make treaties.

The Summit recognizes that some B.C. First Nations have chosen not to participate in the treaty-making process. The Summit respects each First Nation's right to determine its own course of action.

The 1991 Report of the British Columbia Claims Task Force Report lays the foundation for the treaty process in this province. The First Nations Summit adopted fundamental principles, which are the basis of our discussions with Canada and British Columbia.

The Summit works hard to provide a friendly, inclusive environment where people can share ideas and strategies as they work to negotiate treaties in an effective and timely manner.


Follow the FNS on TwitterFollow FNS on Twitter

Report on Key Findings of the BC First Nations Consultation and Accommodation Working Group [PDF Download]

Advancing an Indigenous Framework

"Advancing an Indigenous Framework for Consultation and Accommodation in BC"

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

Ed John Statement: Fifth anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

September 12, 2012: Fifth anniversary of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: protection of Indigenous peoples' rights to lands, territories and resources more urgent than ever. Read the JOINT STATEMENT [pdf]

Grand Chief Edward John travels to UN Headquarters for International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
[Aug 2012, Read Interview]

Report on the 11th Session
[May 2012 PDF, 117 kb]

FNS Congratulates Grand Chief Edward John (Akile Ch'oh) appointment as Chair of the UNPFII
[May 2012 PDF, 46 kb]

Grand Chief Edward John Presents at United Nations Expert Meeting on Indigenous Peoples and Forests
[January 2011]
Press Release PDF | Ed John Presentation PDF

Joint Statement in Response to Canada’s Endorsement of the UN Declaration on the
Rights of Indigenous Peoples
[November 2010, PDF]

Canada’s endorsement of the UN Declaration must be consistent with human rights [March 2010, PDF]

Community to Community (C2C) Program

C2C | Community Forums

The Union of BC Municipalities and First Nations Summit are pleased to announce that funding for local government and First Nation regional Community to Community Forums is available again this fall with renewed financial support from the provincial and federal governments.


February 28, 2014: C2C Letter to FNs re Available Fall/Winter Funding [PDF]

2014/15 Spring Program Guide [PDF]

2014/15 Spring Application Form [WORD DOC]

C2C 2014/15 Spring Final Report Form [WORD DOC]

C2C GuideGuide to Commumity to Community Forums in BC [PDF, 579 kb]


We Know Who We Are and We Lift Up Our People
We Know Who We Are and We Lift Up Our People

This report has been prepared as part of the First Nations Summit’s participation in Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s (AANDC) “Exploratory Process” regarding Bill C-3. The Exploratory Process was announced at the time Bill C-3 was tabled in the federal Parliament to address concerns raised by First Nations and others about Bill C-3. The Exploratory Process is intended to examine and explore broader issues related to First Nations citizenship, Band Membership and registration as Status Indians.

DOWNLOAD HERE (PDF: March, 2012, 497 Kb)

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Book
Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Triumph, Hope, and Action
Edited by Jackie Hartley, Paul Joffe, and Jennifer Preston

“The Declaration is a visionary step towards addressing the human rights of indigenous peoples” proclaimed United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “[I]t provides a momentous opportunity for States and indigenous peoples to ... promote reconciliation and ensure that the past is not repeated.” Contributors to this collection discuss the realization of the Declaration, and ways and means to implement it. For further information and to order a copy visit Purich Publishing

UN DRIP Fact Sheet (PDF: June, 2011)


Vancouver Sun

Dark Past. Hopeful Future.
A Vancouver Sun series looking at First Nations in BC.

Summit Editorial: "Problems plaguing treaty tallks not of First Nations Making" [pdf]

The Tyee

Summit Editorial: "A New Day for BC Native Claims"


Joint Executive Bulletins

For Past Leadership Council Updates, go to the PDF Document Library Joint Executive Info Bulletin

Guide to Aboriginal Organizations and Services in British Columbia

Treaty Negotiations in BC
First Nations Summit and the Treaty Process

The Six-Stage Process to Treaty-Making in BC

"Cautious Optimism: The Summit Perspective on Treaty Negotiations"
— published in February, 2003 Bartalk, a publication of the Canadian Bar Association [PDF, requires Acrobat Reader].

Treaties in British Columbia: A Timeline


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