First Nations Summit

The First Nations Summit and the Treaty Negotiation Process

The Summit's mandate is to represent the interests of First Nations which have agreed to participate in treaty negotiations. The Summit's role is not to negotiate treaties on behalf of First Nations, but to support local First Nations' negotiations. In doing so, the Summit also recognizes that not all First Nations in the Province have chosen to participate in the treaty process. The Summit respects each First Nation's right to determine its own course. The 1991 Report of the British Columbia Claims Task Force Report lays the foundation for the treaty process in BC.

The First Nations Summit adopted fundamental principles, which are the basis of our discussions with Canada and British Columbia. We at the Summit table are mindful that in our respective territories we are autonomous, and make decisions about our Nations that are important to our people in our respective territories. We come to the Summit table to share ideas and strategies on how to collectively reach negotiated treaty agreements and advance aboriginal rights.

For the current Status of Negotiations, the BC Treaty Commission web site posts a regular update here.

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