(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver) The First Nations Leadership Council (FNLC) condemns the Province’s unilateral announcement today of an Advisory Council to move ahead with implementation of the fundamentally flawed Plecas Report.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of UBCIC stated, “The Plecas Report – which addresses matters that directly impact Indigenous children, families, and communities – was produced without any engagement with Indigenous Peoples or consideration of the basic fact that our children are vastly overrepresented in the child welfare system. We have made it abundantly clear that it is completely unacceptable – in the age of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – for the Province to be unilaterally undertaking this work while completely ignoring us. Sometimes it seems like it is still is 1916 and not 2016 in this Province.”

The Province’s announcement of an Advisory Council came as a complete surprise. The FNLC is not aware of any Indigenous Nation being engaged about the Plecas Report since it was released, or of any consultation or engagement about an Advisory Council.