Coast Salish Territory/ North Vancouver –First Nations Chiefs are calling on all eligible First Nations voters to exercise this important right to have their voices heard by ensuring they are registered to vote and heading to the polls on election day.

“With 203 different First Nations across the province, and many thousands of eligible voters, our numbers can make a difference in many ridings throughout BC”, said Grand Chief Doug Kelly, First Nations Summit Task Group member. “I encourage our communities to familiarize themselves with the platforms of each party and their local candidates to make an informed choice for themselves and their community.”

“It is our children and grandchildren who have been forced, on a daily basis, to endure the appalling conditions of poverty of our communities. Therefore, it only makes sense that our youth take every advantage to vote in the upcoming provincial election,” said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. “Whoever wins the election will play a significant part in influencing important decisions concerning our economic well-being in relation to revenue sharing and shared decision-making which underscores the need for the voices of our young people to be heard.”