As the election campaign heads into the final days, the platforms of the parties are being revealed. In addition, all parties have now responded to the specific questions posed by the Assembly of First Nations (AFN). By looking both at the responses provided along with the platform information made available by the various parties, we can assess their positions as they relate to First Nation issues.


At this point in the campaign, the Conservative Party appears to be gaining momentum. Typically, previously undecided voters begin to firm up their position about ten days before an election. In other words, the polls that emerge in the coming days will likely predict the election outcome. As such, this analysis will pay particular attention to the platform and responses of the Conservative Party.

It should also be noted that while the presence of the Bloc Quebecois makes attaining a majority government difficult, we should be prepared for both a majority or minority government situation. As a result, it will be important to appreciate the platforms of all parties as opposition parties may well continue to play a critical role in Parliament after the election.

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