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From the First Nations Chiefs' Health Committee:

BC First Nations Health Blueprint

The Canada-Aboriginal Peoples Roundtable held April 19th, 2004, confirmed Prime Minister Paul Martin's commitment to a more inclusive approach to Aboriginal issues. “It was also an opportunity to reaffirm that progress on Aboriginal issues requires, as a first step, a new era of partnership and cooperation between a number of entities, including the Government of Canada, Aboriginal peoples, provincial and territorial governments, the private sector and key stakeholders, to make real and sustainable progress.”
The Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, met with Aboriginal leaders and the Premiers of Canada at the Health Care Summit in September 2004. The Prime Minister committed to improving health care for Aboriginals to the same levels as other Canadians within ten years. As part of these commitments to inclusiveness and increase in health status for Aboriginal people, the federal government is working with Aboriginals in each region to develop a blueprint that will support the Prime Minister's 10 year plan.
In British Columbia , the provincial government engaged Aboriginals in a blueprint dialogue session that was held May 18-19, 2005. The dialogue session was inclusive of all Aboriginal groups in the province, including Métis, Inuit, and First Nations. The provincial government has submitted its report on their pan-Aboriginal blueprint.
The National Assembly of First Nations lobbied the federal government to have a First Nation specific section in the blueprint. For BC, the First Nation process is lead by the BC First Nations Leadership Council which includes members from:

•  First Nations Summit Task Group
•  Union of BC Indian Chiefs Executive
•  BC Assembly of First Nations
The BC First Nations Leadership Council took a two-pronged approach to the Blueprint process:

1. Discussion papers based on these federal outline were developed . Each of these papers has now been rolled up into one final Blueprint document.

2. Invitations were extended to all bands, tribal councils, health centres and First Nation/Aboriginal organization that service our First Nations people to attend a 1-day forum on June 22, 2005 at Tsleil-waututh First Nation in North Vancouver to provide feedback into the Bleuprint process.  The proceedings were summarized into a report that was attached to the BC First Nations Health Blueprint submission.

The BC First Nations Health Blueprint document, the Summary of Proceedngs from the June 22 forum, as wll as several other supporting documents were submitted to the Assembly of First Nations on July 15 for inclusion in a National First Nations Health Blueprint submission.

Support documents submitted by the BC First Nations Leadership Council: 

For morer on this and other health-related issues, visit:

First Nations Health Council

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